Old Kleparz

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The Quickest*****

The quickest Pimiento quality. On the spot or to take home. Right next to the charming and lively Stary Kleparz market square.

It is an intimate deli and bistro full of the quality we are known for. The hallmark of this place is a special oven for baking golden and juicy chicken, as well as unique cold cuts and steaks from the finest beef in the world. People are the heart of this place. We will be happy to host you here for breakfast and lunch.


Just steps away from the Stary Kleparz market - in the district of the same name - awaits the pinnacle of our brand's experience. At Pimiento Shop and Bistro, you select a specific product from behind the counter, and we prepare it to meet your expectations. Discover our suggestions by clicking the button below.


Book a table*****

We are very happy if our beef and hospitality convinced you to visit Pimiento Shop & Bistro. You can come shopping anytime. However, if you want to have breakfast or lunch with us, we recommend making a reservation. Below we provide you with a form for this. We also offer booking via telephone or e-mail - use the data in the footer of the page for this. We will be happy to host you


Let’s meat*****

A culinary project that was created out of love for cooking and sharing food - because the most delicious thing is to celebrate time in the company of loved ones. From the products available in our delicatessen, guests and friends of Pimiento choose the ones they like the most, then prepare dishes from them, and share with us the recipe for the dish they have created. This allows us to get to know each other better.

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